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Real Time Conversations

This community project is about real human connection.

There’s no denying, we all face some sort of challenge at some time in our life.

And as life moves faster, the chance to comfortably address what is happening, becomes less likely.

We know the power of taking time to process and getting on top of things.

We know that now more than ever, we need to reconnect and make the time.

To listen. To have real conversations. To connect beyond words.

Time. A vital investment.

And that’s what Real Time Conversations is about.

Gathering to talk about the real stuff.

To engage with hearts and minds open and willing to hold a comfortable space for everyone to sit in.

It’s a starting point.

And beyond that, it may become a gateway to more clarity with possible next steps.

It’s personal.

And that’s the power, sharing brings.

On real and diverse topics.

With a natural flow and unfolding.

It is an interactive and open forum, uniting  community members.

Visit our events page for the upcoming Real Time  Talks and Human Connection.  

Visit our Real Time Blogs that share our experience. 


An online program we bring that may be helpful 

The Vision Web®

Find your way 

  If you are at a time in your life where you are looking for some inspiration to move from where you are, you may like to travel through this e-program that shows how to move from problems, to create wants and live those things out, while being kind to you along the way.

We know that life today brings constant challenges and it is not always clear how to balance it all.

We hope you can be inspired by this more here and now approach to moving

Visit the e-program platform to purchase the process. 

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