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PATIENCE: mind strategies

You may be clear on your vision and have strong intention to achieve that, however at times your mental state leads you in different directions; negative self-talk, memories, feelings, distractions, thinking, perceiving.

This workshop introduces you to the PATIENCE acronym which is a built-in reminder of many personal powerful strategies to break the cycle, to create a mental shift.

You’ll explore the range of simple techniques and approaches and test and discover their effectiveness.

Suitable as a personal development session for community, workplaces, organisations and business settings.

This is a hands-on workshop.

You’ll experience how the PATIENCE can positively influence any negative mindset that may be holding you back in some way.

Bring your own personal scenario to the workshop to test along the way.

Experience the concepts that each individual letter of the word PATIENCE brings.

As you become more familiar with the term PATIENCE and what it represents, it may be more readily available when you need it most.

You’ll walk away with tools you can rely on from yourself:

  • P: use other perspectives.
  • A: change focus of attention.
  • T: challenge thoughts.
  • I: know your intention.
  • E: move from negative emotions.
  • N: challenge any nonsense.
  • C: communicate to gain clarity.
  • E: move away to escape.

PATIENCE can be applied at any time in any area AND can make a difference.

Access the PATIENCE ONLINE via this link. With the code PAT2020 you will have FREE ACCESS until further notice.