Fit 2 Help


With professional expertise in fitness and wellbeing, the Keep Moving Lifestyle project was created.

It is designed for people in the community from all walks of life who are looking to create wellbeing approaches based on the principles we operate by. Based on incidental exercise, unexpected opportunities and openness for difference, it is enjoyed by a range of individuals and groups. We have a range of Fitness Professionals volunteering valuable contributions for all to enjoy.

Fit 2 help

With our ongoing mission to create and enjoy benefits from the powerful ‘give / receive’ approach, Fit 2 Help was ‘born’.

It is a project that also supports the ‘keep moving’ concept, where the ‘give’ is of energy and effort towards helping others in some way in the community. It is a win-win approach.

At the moment we have 2 ways to achieve this.


Fit2help in households

This is where the ‘give’ of energy is towards household clean up tasks, and the ‘receive’ is joy from the experience and help it brings to those in need of support with tasks they may be unable to do for some reason at this time.

Why this type of helping and tasks?

We know from our connections with different agencies,  how stretched services are becoming to those with household needs.

So we asked the question.

How can we help those in need in a way that brings ‘wellbeing’? 

This Fit 2 Help is a way to contribute in a small way to this ‘give’ and ‘receive’ balance.

While a non-traditional fitness and wellbeing experience, it nonetheless brings plenty:

  1. Using up energy like a cardio workout
  2. Learning some great movement techniques like bending protecting your back
  3. Enjoying being a group focused together on a worthy cause
  4. Having fun and learning some move to music moves
  5. Making someone’s day!


What we know

We know that people WANT to HELP and be involved in purposeful, rewarding and fulfilling projects and that’s what Fit 2 Help brings.

We know the physical and mental benefits with moving more, and this approach promotes both.

It is an energy exchange with great value.

It has an intergenerational focus that brings the opportunity for involvement from  all of the community.

Fit 2 Help supports what’s at the heart of our community helping philosophy.

The ‘ripple’ is bringing another opportunity for people of the community to get involved in something small, simple, achievable, fulfilling and helpful and with incidental benefits beyond what can be seen.