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Keep Moving Lifestyle (KML)

Keep Moving Lifestyle shows the way to include more movement, more naturally into your day. It shows how exercises and movements can be filtered into the 16 + hours that are available to you. It’s about a new mindset around how to gain general fitness for life.  While the program is based on exercises and movements you might see in a gym and in other recreation activities, it is more about small, simple and achievable moves scattered throughout the day to overcome the problems associated with long periods of sedentary. We regularly bring out a new ‘menu’ of 5 moves (lower body, upper body, cardio, posture and lifestyle) and demonstrate where and how they can be done. A great resource to refer to. Enjoy being part of a new movement to build energy and vitality through a Keep Moving Lifestyle approach.


Create your Personal Vision 

Create your Personal Vision.

Take a journey through a range of great videos, mindsets, quotes to support your movement towards more of what you really want to experience.