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Real Time Heart Based 

Find your Heart, Find your Way, Find your Self 

Personal program

You may be in a rut, feeling unhappy, in pain or unfulfilled or just curious about what else is possible.
You may be realising the importance of opening up to new ways moving forward and looking for how.
Universal evidence tells us something very important – that the heart – through emotions and feelings, hold the clue to the deep needs and wants to guide our way.
The heart that guides choices, where wellbeing for the body and mind, becomes the bi-product.
Getting close to the heart, is the path to finding your way, finding your self.
The program supports this awakening.
To build a true and authentic capacity to adapt to the changing world.
The program supports a micro learning approach where you have the choice to learn in small steps to fit in with your lifestyle and needs.
Suitable for anyone.