Real Time Heart-Based Programs

Including the ‘Heart to be… Personal Improvement Program’

What is in your Heart to be…? 

A program for everyone, for moments, for our world.

Experience a RTHB Program guide…

What is a Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB) Program Guide?

A RTHB Program Guide:

  1. has experience through their profession to support people
  2. is heart-based in nature, and supports the vision of a ‘heart shaped world’; where our hearts are open to care for ourselves, whilst we care for others and the environment,
  3. has completed the RTHB program that they will be supporting
  4. recognises the importance of self-empowerment in personal growth and wellbeing,
  5. ‘guides’ others to their own self discovery, and provides support specific to that person’s needs and situation,
  6. maintains the intent and integrity of the RTHB program in its entirety,
  7. provides feedback to improve the program or any aspect of the RTHB platform and services.

A RTHB Program Guide… benefits for the participant

  • Listens and adapts their approach to align with your wants.
  • Focuses on you and supports your learning and growth.
  • Keeps you moving at a pace that meets your wants.
  • Is flexible in the way guiding is conducted.

RTHB Program Guide delivery approaches…

May include options provided below

  • online personal one on one sessions
  • online personal program
  • online group program

RTHB Program Guide Assurance…

To maintain the integrity of the RTHB programs and the ripple towards a ‘heart shaped world’, RTHB Guides

  • maintain the integrity of the RTHB programs developed
  • ensure each participant is registered to receive the program from the site, for the duration of the registration
  • encourages each participant to become part of the RTHB forum, to provide feedback and connect with the world wide community


If you are looking for a RTHB guide or to be a RTHB guide, contact us to discuss this further.

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