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About Community Projects

Real Time Community Projects sees human connection and wellbeing as a ‘fundamental’ in life.

These projects help grow the human spirit, that leads the way.

These projects come to life and are triggered by 3 key things

  1. Activities we love to do; we can do, are enjoyable, purposeful & have meaning
  2. Community members; who are keen and passionate to participate and volunteer in ways that feel good
  3. Projects/ services that are of value to the self, others, the community and environment; there is a positive benefit bi-product.

The projects build environments that empower, are helpful and based on kindness.

  • With a shared common vision
  • With an appreciation for diversity and collectively creating and driving the projects
  • With a focus on kind and human approach to the process
  • With efforts and contributions made visible and acknowledged
  • With progress tracked for a sense of accomplishment

With no must do’s or deadlines, they are wellbeing and human connection projects, designed to be enjoyable, as well as bring meaningful and purposeful outcomes as a result.

We believe that people want to help and be part of improving their community, and by providing platforms that allow people to drop in and out as it fits with their life, is a great way.

We know people have busy lives and often don’t know how to escape that rollercoaster, so we are passionate about infusing approaches that show how that is possible, without stress and overwhelm.

IN fact we bring a whole new language and strategies, that show something very counterintuitive to how we would normally engage in things.

We believe this is the appeal and part of the reason why so many people love being part of the projects.

We measure the success of these projects through the growing involvement, interest, diversity and love brought by those involved in the community.

Knit a Care Square


Darn with Plarn


Keep Moving Lifestyle

Keep Moving Lifestyle is a project that invites people to move more in their everyday life. This approach encourages people to use current situation and environment, to engage in simple can do things as a way of moving more and more regularly throughout the day.


Fit 2 help

Fit 2 Help is a social impact and wellbeing project.  Turning the concept of ‘fitness’ on its head, we show how doing everyday household tasks, can be a workout. And when that workout, results in helping someone in the community who needs a helping hand, it brings even more ‘feel good’ to the workout.


Real Time


Real Time Conversations brings people together to create the space for open conversation and for both give and receive.  A naturally unfolding experience that allows an organic ripple to bring just what is needed for those who arrive.


Share Care & Fare

Share Care & Fare is a social impact and wellbeing project.  Turning everyday food pantry items you might waste or even dispose of, into life saving items for those in need. We share who is doing what, where you can make a difference and how. Sometimes how we give can make a real difference and it need not be in the giving way we have come to think is valuable.


Coming Events



We enjoy sharing our views through stories and experiences. Our blogs reflect our personal encounters and unfolding views and thoughts on a range of life and wellbeing topics.



We are growing our products that are uniquely developed and reflect our mission and vision. Currently small books are available.


We enjoy engaging with organisations, businesses and workplaces that support growing the wellbeing mission. Thank you to you all.


Real Time Community Projects is part of Real Time Enhancements vision to create wellbeing environments and communities.

With a team of wellbeing and social impact advocates at the helm, these projects are well placed to weave our community together, through the spirit of humanity, connection and wellbeing for all.

The platforms created within each project, infuse healthy mindsets and practices, that ignite the human spirit, and lead us to connect and thrive in a whole new way.

Jump on board and ENJOY the give and receive that occurs along the way.

If you wish to see how we bring this approach to workplaces and organisations visit our other site Real Time Human Approach. 

Or click below to explore more about who we are and our passion.